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The Centre is not a zoo but a sanctuary for wolves that are unable to live in the wild any longer. The animals are not at the centre as exhibits and it is sometimes difficult to observe them, especially on hot days. Since the welfare of the wolves is the main concern of the centre, there are some conditions and restrictions that apply when visiting us.  To ensure minimum disturbance to the wolves, the number of visitors is also controlled.


To ensure the welfare of wolves, visitors are asked to observe the following when they arrive at the centre:
Park vehicles in parking spaces intended for that purpose
Do not use the car horn
Turn off the radio
Keep pets inside the vehicle
Drive to the Reception Centre to be received. Do not enter the perimeter of IWRC without being accompanied by a member of the Centre team.

In respect to photography and filming, and in particular in the case of professional or semi-professional photographers, a protocol must be signed between CRLI and the person or company concerned before photography/filming can go ahead.

General Public

Visits must be booked in advance, by letter, fax, email or phone. No more that 20 people can be accepted on one visit.

Visits can be made as follows:

Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays

Winter (October to April) -  open from 14:30 to 18:30

First tour - 15:00

Second tour- 16:30

Summer (May to September) - open from 16.00 to 20.00

First tour- 16:30

Second tour - 18:00

(Each tour lasts for about one-and-a-half hours)

PLEASE NOTE: Observation of the animals is more difficult on hot days.


Grupo Lobo members/ adoptive parents:

Children up to 4 years - free entry

Under 18s - 2.50 euros

Adults - 3.00 euros

Seniors (over 65) - 2.50 euros

Other Visitors:

Children up to 4 years - free entry

Under 18s - 3.00 euros

Adults - 5.00 euros

Seniors (over 65) - 3.00 euros

Other types of visits are available and weekends can be spent at the centre working on a voluntary basis. To find out more information about these alternatives, those interested should contact the centre.

Visits by schools and other institutions

Visits to the Centre take place on weekday mornings at a pre-arranged times. In exceptional circumstances, visits can take place in the afternoons or Saturday mornings. The groups should not exceed 25 people (or 15 in case of special groups). Visits must be arranged by letter, fax or email, and are subject to confirmation. Once confirmed, specific conditions and directions to the centre will be sent out to the institution.

Price per person (from September 1, 2011):

Universities and polytechnics* - 4.00 euros (weekdays) 5.00 euros (week-ends)

Organized groups and schools* - 3.00 euros (weekdays) 5.00 euros (week-ends)

Scout Groups, Institutions of the Municipality of Mafra, charities or private social solidarity institutions * - 3.00 euros

*For each group -  two teachers/supervisors are admitted free.



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