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Adoption Programme


The adoption of one or more wolves living in the Centre is a popular way to financially assist our work. The adoptive parents can keep in touch with the project and its wolves, through regular visits to the centre or by reading the Grupo Lobo newsletter.

The adoption is formalized through a minimum annual donation, the value depending on the adoption package chosen, but adoptive parents can donate more if they wish.

Adoption - annual donations

Individual - 35€

IPSS - 40€

Groups and families (grandparents, parents and children up to age 17) - 45 €

School classes and scout groups - 45€

Companies - 200€

Individual - 350€
Companies - 2000€

From the date of adoption the adoptive parents are invited to visit the centre and see how the adoption process is carried out and, of course, are able to see their adopted wolf.  The adoptive parents receive a package that includes an adoption certificate, a photograph of their wolf, adoptive-parent card and some small gifts from Grupo Lobo.



Born in the wild

Minho - Born in Galicia (Spain) in 2005, Minho was illegally captured and was due to be killed. He was brought to the centre at about six months old (see photo).

Sabor - Born in Galicia (Spain), Sabor came to the centre in September 2007. He is a very shy wolf and, for this reason, catching a glimpse of him is quite difficult (see photo).

Lobito - Born in Portugal in 2010, Lobito arrived at the centre at about 4 months old. He has a lot of curiosity but is a little shy (see photo).

Born in the Centre

Faia - Faia was born to Aura and Zimbro, in June 2008 (see photo).

Bolota - Bolota was born to Faia and Soajo, in May 2012. She shares enclosure with your mother, Faia.



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