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This large mammal is currently the largest wild canine species.


The species is characterized by a large head with rigid triangular ears which are relatively short and slightly pointed. The eyes are front facing, slanted and topaz (yellow) in colour.

The Iberian wolf is a subspecies of the European grey wolf and is of smaller dimensions and weight (height at the shoulder - 70 cm, weight - 25 to 40 kg).
It has a yellowish brown coat on its body. The muzzle has reddish brown tones, and its throat is off-white, the colour running obliquely to the outer corner of eye. The back is marked by a black stripe, which extends from neck to tail.
The limbs are strong and robust, and are a brown/beige colour - with brown on the inner side and ocher on the outer side. In addition, there is a well-defined black stripe on the front legs which is more visible in the winter. The Latin name signatus was assigned based on this feature, which means a mark or sign.

The winter coat is darker than the summer coat.



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