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Don't Let Our Wolves Become Homeless


Thanks to the support of all of you is with great pleasure that we can report that the campaign "Do not let our wolves become homeless" reached its goal: raising the amount needed to purchase the land where we develop the project Iberian Wolf Recovery Centre (IWRC). At present, we are carrying out the necessary steps to pay the amount still owed and the transfer of land ownership to the Grupo Lobo. We are very pleased that you believed this goal, reflecting the shared interest in the conservation of the last large predator of our fauna. Everything will be done to continue to earn the trust of all of you, and to keep welfare standards of resident wolves in IWRC as well as the quality of services provided to visitors and volunteers that we receive in our Centre.

Grupo Lobo wish to express its gratitude for the help received and expects to continue to count on your support so that the IWRC continues to have an important role in wolf conservation in our country.

Our sincere thanks to you all!

Learning through Conservation

Grupo Lobo is an independent, non profit-making NGO* (non-governmental organisation) which was founded in 1985 with the aim to conserve the wolf and its ecosystem in Portugal. It has a large number of associates and employees, both in Portugal and abroad.

The existence of Grupo Lobo stems from the need to promote accurate facts about the wolf,a predator that used to be regarded as evil.

Today these concepts are completely outdated but, unfortunately, the wolf is an animal which is still largely misunderstood by the general public.

The wolf’s distribution range has been greatly reduced worldwide in the past century and this situation has motivated great efforts by conservation groups to prevent its extinction - without positive and proactive measures, another species will be lost.

In view of this, Grupo Lobo follow a strategy to inform the public, to support scientific studies and promote conservation strategies and practices.

Grupo Lobo collaborated in drafting the Portuguese national law to protect the Iberian Wolf (Law No. 90/88 13 August), which gives the wolf the status of strictly protected species in Portugal and is currently working on the revision of Decree-Law no. 139/90 (dated April 27), which governs its application. Additionally Grupo Lobo has collaborated in the process of drafting and revising the Red Book of Vertebrates of Portugal, the last revision of which was made in 2005, classifying the wolf as ENDANGERED.

* Grupo Lobo has been registered since 1993 as No. 55 / N in the National Register of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and Similar (established under law no. No. 35/98, dated July 18), which provides the status of Patronage Environmental, (approved by Decree-Law no. No. 74/99 of March 16), giving relevance to tax donations in cash or in kind granted to an NGO and Similar.

The Activity Report and 2010 Business Plan for 2011, are available in pdf file.



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