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Environmental Education


One of the fundamental causes of extinction of animal species is persecution by man, either with the species being viewed as a natural resource or simply because they are regarded as representing something evil.

Few animals inspire both fear and so much respect as the wolf. But what is actually known about this animal and how is it viewed by man?
Grupo Lobo seeks, in a number of ways, to respond to these issues, informing, educating and motivating people throughout Portugal.

Projects that have been developed by the association:

Newsletter – The main objective of the newsletter is to publish accurate information about the wolf, its biology and conservation and anthropological topics exploring the relationship between man and wolf.

‘Wolves go into schools' – Grupo Lobo gives presentations and lectures to schools and colleges at all levels, throughout the country. The presentations are given by researchers associated with Grupo Lobo and are adapted according to the audience. They are supported by teaching materials developed by the association, including slides and handouts.

Members of Grupo Lobo are available to give presentations and lectures throughout the country. Those interested in booking the team should contact Grupo Lobo at least one month before the date required. The request must indicate the type of audience, the number of participants, place, date and time as well as the route to get there. Please, when possible, send any other information which might be needed to prepare for the event. Travel costs (transport and, if necessary, overnight accommodation) are the responsibility of the organisation requesting the event. The presence of members of Grupo Lobo depends on availability in our diary. If we cannot attend on the required date we will give alternative dates.

'A Howl for Survival' – This travelling exhibition has been a highly successful method of informing the public about the reality of the wolf. It has been very well received by the public as shown by the large number of requests received by Grupo Lobo for information and visits following the exhibition.

Media coverage – Grupo Lobo seeks wherever possible to publish and promote its work and information about the Iberian wolf, both in Portugal and abroad. In recent years, members of Grupo Lobo have participated in a variety of radio programs and a number of newspaper articles have been published in both the national and international press. Articles and references to the activities of Grupo Lobo have also been published in magazines such as Public Magazine, Quo, Wolf Print, Science, Forum Environment, Living World, EcoAmbiente, Reader's Digest, Natura, Ideas and Business Life (Independent), Vision and others.

Grupo Lobo and the Iberian Wolf Rescue Centre have also been featured on the TV channels SIC, TVI, RTP and CNL and features and documentaries about the group's activities have been made by companies such as National Geographic, the WildThings, TVE and TVE International Catalonia.


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