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On the Trail of the Iberian Wolf

Ecotourism is a low impact nature based tourism  that contributes to the conservation of the species and habitats through a monetary contribution to the preservation or creation of revenue  for local communities so that the community will value  and thus protect their wildlife heritage for future generations.
The Grupo Lobo organization offers you an ecotourism program that aims to promote the natural and cultural heritage associated with the wolves and raise awareness for the conservation of this endangered predator. This program aims to disseminate to the general public accurate and updated information about the wolves with scientific rigor, as well as offering unique opportunities for recreation in places of great scenic beauty and high cultural interest.

Ecotourism Program Assumptions

  • Contribute actively to the conservation of the Iberian wolf
  • Respect the wolf and its habitat, avoiding any kind of disturbance
  • Provide real and reliable information about the wolf
  • Respect local communities, their traditions and customs
  • Promote handicrafts, cuisine and accommodation venues
  • Driving the local economy
  • Develop activities with low environmental impact
  • Avoid mass tourism
  • Promote sustainable tourism
New Program
PegadaThe Iberian Wolf in Peneda-Gerês National Park
Discover the Land, the Myths and the Life of the Iberian Wolf
DATES: January to December
FOCUS: Iberian wolf and pastoral communities in Peneda-Gerês National Park, sociocultural
importance of wolves, wolf research and conservation.
- Iberian-wolf (Canis lupus signatus)
- Peneda-Gerês National Park
- Cultural dimension of wolves on the Iberian Peninsula
- Meet wolf researchers and learn about conservation
- Meet a shepherd and a Portuguese breed of guard dog
- Ancient wolf traps: “Fojos do lobo”
- 3 guided treks in wolf country
- Grupo Lobo (Wolf Group Association)
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