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Iberian Wolf Recovery Centre


The Iberian Wolf Recovery Centre (CRLI) was established in 1987 with the aim of providing a safe environment in captivity for wolves that are unable to live in the freedom of the wild.

The centre occupies 17 hectares of land in a wooded and secluded valley.

The space is characterized by good vegetation cover and a variety of different landscape features, providing good shelter and conditions of refuge for the resident wolves. Currently there are several enclosures at the Centre, occupying a total area of ??4.49 hectares.

The wolves can be seen in their unique conditions from observation towers located at strategic points around the site, with a wide view of the different pens.

As well as providing the best care possible for the wolves, the centre also carries out scientific studies, particularly in the area of ??social behavior associated with investigations carried out in the wild by Grupo Lobo. These studies are part of a wider publicity campaign, which seeks to inform the public about the true nature of the wolf.

The Centre has a voluntary programme available to people over 18 with an interest in wildlife conservation. This programme allows volunteers to participate in daily activities, including feeding the animals and maintaining the centre.

Further information about this programme is available from the Centre.


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